Governance Statement

PT Sekar Bumi, Tbk is committed to continuously apply the principles of good corporate governance, and we believe that this application needs to be done on an ongoing basis more than to simply comply with standards and regulations, while maintaining a balance between the interests of shareholders and the interests of other stakeholders.

As a manifestation of this commitment, the management always monitors and implements to and implement the company’s operation according to the standards, regulations, and direction of the board of directors for the purposes and interests of the company’s performance improvement based on high ethical values.

We have a strong conviction to maintain and enhance the application of the principles of good corporate governance in the whole range of PT Sekar Bumi, Tbk, and to ensure the sustainability of the application, we continuously monitor the process and its implementation through existing devices. Our commitment has brought positive results to stakeholders.The stakeholders acknowledge our level of transparency and disclosure quality, which is reflected in obtaining numerous awards and trademarks related to the quality of our products.

We are also committed to continuing to improve the implementation of the principles of corporate governance in PT Sekar Bumi Tbk, in line with business growth and dynamics of the existing regulations.


To support the achievement of the strategy and objectives in line with the vision and mission stated, we are committed to implementing and developing the corporate governance, which aims to :

  • Create a better reputation for the company, directors, and managers.
  • Lower the cost of capital and enhance the value of the asset.
  • Improve access to capital markets.
  • Stimulate performance and operations efficiency.
  • Increase values of the company, through increased financial performance and minimization of investment risk decision which comprises any conflict of interest.


In the implementation of the principles of good corporate governance, policy support is absolutely necessary so that implementation can run smoothly and focused. These policies include:

  • Code of corporate governance.
  • Code of conduct Internal audit charter.
  • Whistleblowing system.
  • Transparency of information policy.
  • Risk management policy.
  • Conflict of interest policy


The structure of corporate governance in PT Sekar Bumi, Tbk is as follows:

In order to improve the quality of the implementation of good corporate governance, management continues to improve structure and procedure implementation and ensure the application of the principles of transparency, accountability, responsibility, independence and fairness in every line of the company.

It aims to minimize the potential risk of conflict of interest in the execution of duties, functions and responsibilities both at the level of the Board of Commissioners, Board of Directors, management and employees.