Established in 2015, PT Sentra Budidaya Biotek is engaged in the shrimp farming business located in Sumbawa, NTB. The cultivation process begins with strict preparation of the pond area and water filtration before stocking of the shrimp fry begins.

To ensure that we deliver a consistent performance, the shrimp fry will go through selected physical tests and PCR. Likewise, other supporting materials are also selected from trusted sources that have passed our screenings and are registered with the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries. Furthermore, high-quality feed is then given throughout the cycle in order to meet the need for shrimp growth to commercial size that is well-accepted by the domestic and export markets. Management of water conditions also plays an important role in producing healthy and quality shrimp. To maintain the stability of water quality; administration of probiotics, minerals and enzymes is carried out regularly. During approximately 120 days of shrimp cultivation cycle, the shrimp that we produce are harvested with a careful and hygienic process to maintain freshness and quality until they reach the processing plant.

Our Aquaculture Business