Extraordinary Performance - Primaniyarta Award 2015
29 October 2015

Quality Food, Quality life.


Primaniyarta Award is a prestigious award given out by the President of Indonesia to Indonesia’s most outstanding exporters for their contribution in increasing export values of the country.

Primaniyarta Award 2015, Category for Extraordinary Performance.


Our gratitude for Indonesian Resources and committed partnerships have once again earned us Primaniyarta Award, and this year for extraordinary performance category. After intense evaluation and judging stage, we have successfully proven that we are among the best of Indonesian exporters. 


President Director of PT Sekar Bumi, Tbk., Mr. Harry Lukmito received the award given by the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Ir. H. Joko Widodo along with the opening of Jakarta International Expo 2015 on October 21th, 2015.


Thank you for your supports. Let this be an inspiration for another great year of quality ahead of us. See you next year.


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