Fish Cake Laksa Recipe

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Laksa is one of AnakJajan’s favorite dishes during our visit to Malaysia or Singapore. It is also one of a delicacy that we crave for back home. Luckily, we won’t have to long for it anymore. As it turns out to be quite easy to cook.


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AnakJajan realizes that most of us love to cook but we always have one big problem: time. We don’t have enough time to cook any complicated dishes or to shop all of the ingredients everytime we need to cook.


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Well, AnakJajan will tell you our little secret, stocking frozen food in your freezer. Frozen food is practical, because it can last longer so you won’t need to purchase the ingredients too frequently.


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And when you think of frozen food, you should think of Sekar Bumi. Sekar Bumi is a well-known manufacturer and distribution company specialized in frozen food. With its great quality, the company has become one of the powerhouses in the frozen food industries, owning iconic brands such as FINNA, SKB, Bumifood, and Mitraku.


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Sekar Bumi’s products are already available at major supermarkets in Indonesia, so you won’t have a hard time finding them. For this Laksa recipe, AnakJajan will be using Mitraku brand from Sekar Bumi. Mitraku specialized in fish ball, shrimp ball, fish tofu, fish cake, scallop cake, and many more surimi-based products which can be used for almost every kind of dish, whether it is deep fried, grilled, boiled in to soup, or even sautéed.


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AnakJajan will be using Mitraku’s Chili & Celery Fish Cake, Fish Cake, Shrimp Balls, and Mini Pilus Fish Balls for this dish. The recipe as follows:


Soup base:


· 1 tbsp of cooking oil

· 220 ml of water

· 50 ml of coconut milk

· 1 tsp of salt

· ½ tsp of sugar


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· 2 cloves onions

· 1 whole red chili

· 1 clove garlic

· ½ piece lemongrass

· ½ cm galangal

· ½ cm turmeric

· ¼ tsp terasi (Indonesian Shrimp Paste)


Fish Cake 11




· 20 gr sliced onion

· 15 gr grated cucumber

· 10 gr boiled long beans

· 5 gr sliced chili

· 45 gr blanched bean sprout

· 180 gr rice noodle

· 2 pcs Mitraku Chili & Celery Fish Cake, fried

· 1 pc Mitraku Fish Cake, fried then sliced

· 3 pcs Mitraku Bakso Udang (shrimp balls), boiled

· 5 pcs Mitraku Bakso Pilus Ikan (mini fish balls), fried

· 1 pc lime


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1. Blend all of the spices.

2. Heat the pan, add oil and sauté all of the spices until fragrant

3. Add all of the soup ingredients and cook over medium heat for 20 minutes

4. Arrange all of the other ingredients on the bowl and pour the hot soup. Serve with lime juice.


For 1 serving.


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Simple and easy to cook right? Now you can make your own bowl of rich, savory, tangy laksa soup with chewy fish cakes and balls at home. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s Cook!!


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