The very first brand of Sekar Bumi is SKB. By using this brand, we produce quality frozen food such as shrimps and fish that are widely sought after in USA, Europe, Japan and other Asian Countries.

Bumifood is the brand for value-added products produced by Sekar Bumi. Bumifood products can be found in almost every modern market throughout the nation. Bumifood has started penetrating some parts of European market, Korea and Malaysia. Some of the products sold under this brand are dim sum, seafood balls, spring roll, samosa and many more.

Mitraku is the latest brand by Sekar Bumi. Fish ball, shrimp ball, fish tofu, fish cake, scallop cake, and many more surimi-based products are sold locally under this brand. We partner with many local entrepreneurs to help distribute products under Mitraku. In Bahasa, Mitraku literally means ‘My Partner’.

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